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Designer Communication Programme

(Study + On-Job-Training)

The Designer Conversion Programme is crafted for PMET’s who are looking for design skills upgrade or a career change. On top of harnessing the necessary skill sets needed as a designer, throughout the programme you will undergo live project trainings under supervision from industry experts to give you hands on experience on the various stages in a design project. During the live project component, trainees stand to earn while learning the necessary job skills under the supervision of the FMA Creative Team.

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About the Programme

DCP is designed for individuals who are currently unemployed and must be able to commit maximum 6 months of full time design study which includes on-the-job training.

FMDS’ unique 4-stage curriculum where students develop themselves through a series of structured classes covering idea generation, design theory, art direction, branding, innovation, design thinking skills and entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcome

The purpose of this programme is to provide trainees with a head start, and to gather the necessary skill sets to kick start their careers as designers. Apart from in class study components, trainees will be exposed to various live design projects in preparation for full-time or freelance employment opportunities.

Unit modules

Implement Design Thinking

Explore the 5 stages of Design Thinking to develop effective problem solving techniques.

Idea Generation Techniques

Understand the various mind mapping and brain storming techniques widely used by practitioners.

Design Studio Management

A sneak peak into the workflow of design agencies, from design brief,budgeting to execution and delivery.

Graphic Design Essentials (Adobe Photoshop)

Learn basic and intermediate software operations of Adobe Photoshop. Develop marketing collaterals via image editing and composition techniques.

User Interface Design (Adobe XD)

 Implement your UI design experience onto platforms ranging from websites to mobile applications.

Explore navigation flow, interface planning and target analysis of application users during this programme.

Graphic Illustrations & Design Fundamentals (Adobe Illustrator)

Adopt a holistic approach to appreciate and apply design basics, brand building and product packaging in 2D and 3D formats.

Mixed Media Drawing & Rendering

Get inspired and express your creativity through mediums such as acrylic painting, watercolour painting, pen tools, Adobe Photoshop and more.

Art Direction and Videography

Understand and apply the planning and thought process for generating engaging videos and images.

Publication Design

Explore the fundamentals of publication design through the study of principles of layout on platforms like books,magazines and other print mediums.

Cover Design & Typography

Explore the art of typography, and integrate them into your designs

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Learn techniques in Facebook ads and Google Analytics with various SWOT analysis for a more effective digital marketing campaign.

Course Information

Participants embarking on this programme will be entitled to up to 95% subsidy from the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Successful graduates from this programme will be issued a Statement of Attainment issued by SSG.

Graduates can apply for credit transfer to First Media Design School for Diploma Qualifications.

Participants are to successfully complete all course assessments to qualify for WSG funding.

Participants are to bring their own computers for this programme.

Full Course Fees

$18,20070w/ GST

95% Subsidy

$2,04120w/ GST

90% Subsidy

$3,31370w/ GST

$15/hr Subsidy

$12,29820w/ GST

All programmes are eligible for $500 SkillsFuture Credit and PSEA deduction!

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