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Design Thinking for UX

This course aims to introduce and elaborate on the importance of Design Thinking in helping to solve organisational problems. How can designers solve problems through a systematic process?

One that is structured and productive, yet multi-faceted in terms of application. Design thinking in UX allows one to learn the basic steps in Design Thinking, applying it to solve User Experience problems.

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About the Course

Through the understanding of the 5 Stage Design Thinking process, trainees will break down and re-evaluate apps or websites that are currently out in the market and to incorporate their own unique variation to the overall usability and intuitiveness of the design.

Ideal for those looking to enter the UI/UX industry, this programme serves as an introduction into the psychology behind how application and website user navigation flows are designed, and how user experience is enhanced through various testing methods and design selection.

No prerequisites or prior design experience required for participation in this programme.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, trainees will re-design and develop a prototype for an existing app or website to improve the overall functionality and user experience.

What you will learn during the lessons

Introduction to Design Thinking

Understanding the 5 stages of Design Thinking

Fundamentals of UX Design

Go through the design and thought process behind effective UX design

Reimagining an App

 Think an app can be improved? Design and develop your own variations!

User Journey Mapping

Understand your user and their motives for the app. Craft out your user journey within your wireframe.

Prototype Design

Recreate and develop a fully functional prototype of an existing app or website with Adobe XD!

User Testing and Evaluation

Conduct basic app testings and analysis to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

Course Information

Participants embarking on this programme will be entitled to up to 95% subsidy from the Workforce Singapore (WSG). Successful graduates from this programme will be issued a Statement of Attainment issued by WSG.

Participants are to successfully complete all course assessments to qualify for WSG funding.

Participants are to bring their own computers for this programme.

Course Fees

Full Course Fees

$1,15025w/ GST

95% Subsidy

$129w/ GST

90% Subsidy

18275w/ GST

$15/hr Subsidy

77525w/ GST

Registration fee of $30 w/GST

February (Evening)
25 February 2019 – 8 April 2019
8 Sessions
Every Monday
7pm – 10pm
April (Evening)
22 April 2019 – 10 June 2019
8 Sessions
Every Monday
7pm – 10pm

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