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User Interface Design

(Adobe XD)


Discover the importance of User Interface Design with Adobe XD! Implement your UI design experience onto platforms ranging from websites to mobile applications. Explore navigation flow, interface planning and target analysis of application users during this programme. 

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About the Course

Throughout this 13 session programme, participants will be undergoing effective web navigation tactics to enhance user experience on various platforms. Explore the importance of navigation flow within your website and other software applications to effectively engage your audience. Effective web flow techniques, wireframe planning and project execution will be covered throughout the programme.

No prerequisites or prior design experience required for participation in this programme.

Learning Outcome

During the programme, participants will assist in designing a sample product for a company or choose to work on their own products. This could come in the form of Website or Mobile Application user interface portfolio.

What you will learn during the lessons

Introduction to User Interface Design

Learn the elements that encompass UI Design

Identifying Target Users

Conduct user analysis to understand target demographics and user habits

Text/Typefaces for UI Design

Learn the uses for various typefaces and headers to best suit your design

Selecting Images for UI Design

Learn effective image composition techniques to be used in your project

Wireframe Design

Develop app/website navigation chart for structure and flow

Adobe XD Software

Basic and intermediate techniques, technical know-how and useful tips

Course Information

Participants embarking on this programme will be entitled to up to 95% subsidy from the Workforce Singapore (WSG). Successful graduates from this programme will be issued a Statement of Attainment issued by WSG.

Participants are to successfully complete all course assessments to qualify for WSG funding.

Participants are to bring their own computers for this programme.

Course Fees

Full Course Fees

$1,90193w/ GST

95% Subsidy

$19019w/ GST

90% Subsidy

$21330w/ GST

$15/Hour Subsidy

$1,27280w/ GST

All programmes are eligible for $500 SkillsFuture Credit deduction! Call us to find out more.

April Intake (Evening Class)

17 April 2018 – 17 July 2018 (14 Sessions)

7pm – 10pm
(Registration Open)

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