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Graphic Illustrations and Design Fundamentals

(Adobe Illustrator)

This course is specially designed to teach learners a holistic approach to appreciate and apply design basics, brand building and product packaging in 2D and 3D formats. Learners will be taught how to develop a brand/visual identity system using illustrator software as a rendering tool.

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About the Course

Through the use of packaging design techniques as a teaching platform, participants will be able to transfer their knowledge onto various mediums such as posters, web-based collaterals and many more. Participants will learn the use of Adobe Illustrator and its various applications in real world projects. This programme also teaches the theory and fundamentals behind effective design and its uses in today’s business environment.

No prerequisites or prior design experience required for participation in this programme.

Learning Outcome

Learners will execute a final project covering a visual identity system and packaging rebranding exercise.

What you will learn during the lessons

Design Fundamentals

The importance of branding, typography and colours

The Design Process

From marketing brief, budgeting to execution and delivery

Design Brainstorming Techniques

Idea generation and creative thinking

Corporate Identity

Develop a brand kit and corporate identity package for your business or reimagine an existing brand

Packaging Design

Recreate an existing packaging design and create vibrant infographics

Adobe Illustrator

Basic and intermediate techniques, technical know-how and useful tips

Past Student Works

Course Information

Participants embarking on this programme will be entitled to up to 95% subsidy from the Workforce Singapore (WSG). Successful graduates from this programme will be issued a Statement of Attainment issued by WSG.

Participants are to successfully complete all course assessments to qualify for WSG funding.

Participants are to bring their own computers for this programme.

Course Fees

Full Course Fees

$$2,43425w/ GST

95% Subsidy

$27300w/ GST

90% Subsidy

38675w/ GST

70% Subsidy

79853w/ GST

All programmes are eligible for $500 SkillsFuture Credit deduction! Call us to find out more.

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