Digital Marketing Research Methods

In this digital age, almost everything can be tracked and measured.  However, the downside of having too much data can often lead to information overload to the undiscerning.  Learn how you can pull and harness the power of data to help support you in your marketing campaign planning. 

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Most marketers today are not certain on how receptive a target market is towards a certain product, and which market should be targeted by a certain product advertiser. 

Discover the many data points that are available out there in cyberspace and how you can obtain them.  Learn how to assess the relevance of the data retrieved for marketing to ensure campaign effectiveness. 

This workshop serves to aid digital marketers on how to make more informed decisions and choices from determining a product fit to the robustness of a marketing strategy. 

What You Will Learn: 

  • Collating data from past experiences to craft hypotheses
  • Gathering data through quantitative and qualitative methods 
  • Consolidating research data 
  • Measuring correlations between independent and dependent variables 
  • Conducting and administering research 


Collecting and gathering data  Evaluating Hypotheses and Expectations Consolidation of Data Maintaining integrity of Data
Collecting and gathering data  Evaluating Hypotheses and Expectations Consolidation of Data Maintaining integrity of Data


  • Learners embarking on this workshop will be entitled to up to 95% subsidy from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).
  • Successful graduates from this workshop will be issued a Statement of Attainment with the title Market Research issued by SkillsFuture Singapore.
  • Successful graduates will receive a certificate titled Content Marketing using Design Thinking issued by First Media Academy.
  • Learners are required to bring their own laptops for the programme. Laptops are available for rental at the Academy, subject to availability.
  • Learners are to meet a minimum attendance requirement of 75% to qualify for SSG Funding.
  • Learners are to complete all assessments in order to qualify for SSG Funding.


$15/hr SUBSIDY
$635.31 $71.25
  • Foreigners
  • Singaporeans aged < 21

Workfare Training Support

Singaporeans aged > 35
Salary < $2,000

  • Singaporeans aged > 40
  • Company Sponsored Participants
  • Singaporeans ages 21 – 39
  • PRs aged 21 years and above
  • All workshops are eligible for $500 SkillsFuture Credit deduction.
  • All workshops are eligible for Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) deduction.
  • All price include GST.
  • Company Sponsored trainees are eligble for Absentee Payroll of $7.50/hour.
  • Workfare Trainees are eligble for Training Allowance of $4.50/hour.
  • All fees listed are indicative and subject to change as determined by First Media Academy.
  • First Media Academy reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove the course fees of the stipulated course(s) without prior notice.


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