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What’s New in Digital Marketing? Everything.

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The internet wave is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, surging with information, and creating innovative solutions for various business needs.

Some can pick up the pace, some can’t. However, the key to Mastering the Art of Digital Marketing is to continuously embrace changes, while resiliently learning.

Here in FMDS, we provide specialised training and career opportunities to contribute to your development as a highly successful Digital Marketer.

What can you learn about Digital Marketing from First Media?

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  2. Design Thinking for Digital Marketing

  3. Digital Marketing Research Methods

  4. Creative Guerrilla Marketing

  5. Inbound Digital Marketing

  6. Content Marketing using Design Thinking

  7. Designing for Mobile Marketing

  8. Digital Remarketing and Retargeting

  9. International Social Media Marketing

  10. Digital Marketing Strategic Optimisation

Attend our session to learn more about how you can leverage on this exciting opportunity in Digital Marketing