Photography and Lightroom

“Every Life has a Story. Snap it.”

 Mastering photography skills can be made easy. Learn the basics of camera operations on your smartphone from professional photographers, capture, curate and showcase them on Instagram!

We will show you how easy to freeze the moments in timeartistically; translating it into your own story.

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The art of snapping beautiful images has now been made easier through FMA. Using highly sophisticated handheld camera devices and bundle with latest photo editing software, mastering the skills of a professional photographer is now within anyone's grasp.

Capturing captivating images is key to engaging audiences on social media. This workshop will guide you on how you can generate content and curate Instagram pages with professionally captured and edited images.

What You Will Learn:

We will hand hold you on how to think creatively, develop a keen observational skill and to build your conceptual skill all through the eyes of the lenses.

You will be guided on fundamental principles of photography, basic technical terms, camera handling and lighting techniques and photo editing software via Adobe Lightroom.


       Camera Technicality      Photographic Composition                Adobe Lightroom