Discover the importance of User Interface Design with Adobe XD! Implement your UI design experience onto platforms ranging from websites to mobile applications. Explore navigation flow, interface planning and target analysis of application users during this programme.

10th Oct –  28th Nov 2019

14 Sessions | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 7pm – 10pm

This course is designed to teach learners without technical knowledge to design and build a friendly and functional website. Emphasis is rooted on design aesthetics, functionality and navigation friendliness using Adobe Dreamweaver.

24th Sept – 26th Nov 2019

10 Sessions | Tuesday | 7pm – 10pm

Uploading on Instagram? Looking to create a YouTube worthy production? Learn tricks of the trade and shoot captivating stills and clips. This programme will guide you through the planning and thought process for generating engaging videos and images. Relevant positions that will benefit from this programme include: Photography Directors, Camera Operators, Photography and Videography hobbyists. Got a media pet project you’ve been working on? Now’s your chance to learn how to execute it professionally!

September (EVENING)
25th Sept – 11th Dec 2019

12 Sessions | Wednesday | 7pm – 10pm

Learn and develop effective marketing communications skills and promotional strategies curated for today’s fast paced industry. Find out how companies are targeting clients and executing marketing initiatives through the use of various online and offline mediums such as social media marketing, advertorials and more.

October (EVENING)
16th Oct – 19th Dec 2019

10 Sessions | Wednesday | 7pm – 10pm

Digital marketing is a necessary skill for all marketers in the digital age. This is because digital marketing departs significantly from traditional marketing in that it is cheaper, has a more targeted reach and allows for ubiquitous interactions between the marketer and the prospective customer.

16th Oct 2019

^6 Months | Twice a Week | Various timings